The story of a company who wanted to create a unique material the: MorosWood

The brand incorporates the meaning of respect for the environment and attention to eco-sustainable technologies, this is the perfectly part of what is called the Circular Economy. Made of 95% cellulose fiber from agriculture waste combined with recycled plastic. We have created a product with far superior characteristics compared to the WP composite wood similar to the one on the market, both items in terms of aesthetics, durability, mechanical resistance and last but not least of healthiness as it is free of harmful substances.

MoroWood is the WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) material that replaces wood and is made 65% from recycled wood and 25% from HDPE and additives.

And last, our research lab wanted MorosWood to be a recyclable product, in fact it is 100% regenerable as at the end of its life it can be completely regrind and reproduced again.

What are the reasons that pushed our research?

The need to provide an appealing alternative to natural wood, that could have and important durability even in very aggressive environment such as marine situation with continuous and constant exposure to sun.

  • The need to reduce maintenance to a minimum
  • The need to guarantee a stable product that would not twist, not create splinters., 
  • The need to be stable in color, that would not fear the sun, ice or rain, 
  • TThe need that would be fire retardant, 
  • The need to invulnerable from woodworm, insects and fungi

ALL THIS IS MOROSWOOD made with price in EGYPT


MOROSWOOD Wood Plastic Composite

MorosWood is the future. No trees are felled to produce it. It is a 100% recyclable and maintains its technical characteristics during its life cycle.

MorosWood is easy to clean and requires no special maintenance.

MorosWood Is safe does not twist does not produce splinters and does not discolor, as it does not fear sun, ice and rain.

Ideal for outdoor flooring, cladding, sunshades, walkways, pool edgesand in general to substitute any outdoor wood.


Production & Factory 

MorosWood is an Egyptian product. The company has developed his own WPC in 2018 the factories are located in Qalyub Industrial zone, 20 Km neighboring Great Cairo area which cover an area of over 2500 square meters.

The extrusion lines suitably designed for Morosgroup produce the wide range of profiles available, ensuring customization if necessary.


Wood Plastic Composite

What is WPC

Made with 95% of cellulose fiber from agriculture waste combined with recycled plastic.

With the term of WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) we identify a product that many seem at first looks simple and almost all the same in the market, in reality we are confronted with various formulas that give to the product all the best alternatives for the end use.

In addition to the type of recycled polymer, as well as their additives (less than 10%) gives the guarantee of its outdoor use. With various modifications that allow to optimize for each specific use (floor, beam, cladding etc.)   

It provides an appealing alternative to natural wood, rot proof and durable, it is guaranteed splinter free and will not slip or crack, resistant to insects and fungal infections.

Exposed to the elements, the life cycle of natural wood, whether soft or hardwood, is limited.

Wood is vulnerable to UV radiation, Humidity, Fungal, Insect attack and requires regular treatment to delay greying, splitting, splintering or the spread of rot.



The technical and aesthetic characteristics of MorosWood allow our R&D department to provide designers customized solutions to solve the imaginativeness of designers & architects

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